Shuttle Small Form Factor (SFF) Computer Systems


shuttleSFF Shuttle XPC The small, cube-like shape allows the Shuttle XPC to blend into any room or situation. At about 1/7th the volume of typical desktop PC's, the XPC isn't forced to hide underneath the desk by your feet. XPC even fits into the living room environment, where the Media Center XPC is likely to be mistaken for an audio or cable appliance, anything except a high performance desktop PC.


shuttle-groupA group of Shuttle XPCAs the world's first all-aluminum mainstream PC, the Shuttle XPC combines a sleek brushed metal finish with incredibly light weight. The focus on aesthetics is apparent when looking at the design details of XPC: the aluminum switchgear, the high intensity orange and blue status LEDs, and the stainless steel countersunk fastening screws. Compare XPC to your typical beige / black box PC, and the difference in quality will be striking.

High Performance

XPC has been designed from the ground up to support the newest and the fastest components available. Features like the latest fast processors, Dual Channel memory, and ATI and nVidia video cards. This directly translates into better performance for demanding applications like 3D gaming, media creation (movies, music, projects) and multitasking.


XPC is powerful and flexible enough to replace multiple devices, including TV, VHS, Personal Video Recorder, game console, HiFi speaker system, and traditional PC. The Shuttle XPC Media Center allows you to watch, pause, and record TV shows, as well as play 3D games, MP3's, and use PC applications.

Easily Transportable

Best of all, you can still easily transport Shuttle XPC Gaming Edition to any location. Hook up with your friends for live multiplayer action, or create your own gaming tournament. With Shuttle XPC System, the possibilities are endless.

Shuttle Carry Bag

Improve the portability of your Shuttle XPC System even further with an optional carrying bag or backpack. Take your Shuttle XPC System back and forth to school or to work, or bring it with you to summer abroad programs. With the proper plug, XPC is compatible with electrical standards throughout the world.